Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors specializes in accounting for the transportation industry.

From the leased operator with one truck running independently to a multi-unit transportation company, Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors offers:

  • Basic accounting for revenue and expense recording
  • Log book analysis
  • GST returns
  • Expertise in the insurance and licensing practices in the industry,
  • Familiarity with the current market trends and activity in the industry
  • Relevant advice and information for the tax treatment of assets in the trucking business, including capital and operating leases
  • Timely reporting of running-mile rates and other relevant financial ratios so timely decisions can be made, and money can be saved.

Our basic package for an independent driver supplies you with a thorough review of your operation each quarter, by means of a quarterly financial statement.

GST for most people in the trucking industry is due quarterly, and Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors has created a basic business package for transport companies.

Each quarter, you as the transport businessperson supply Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors with your log books, revenue statements, and other expense receipts.

Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors then prepares your financial statement and completes your GST return for signing.

Sound too simple?

That’s exactly it. Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors makes it simple.

We know that you, as the transport operator, cover enough miles in your day.

Ensure that the important compliance issues and tax events are handled by professionals like those at Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors, and take that “load” off your mind.