Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors has the skills and expertise to handle all the needs of a small business.

From compliance reporting of all kinds (including GST, PST and LCT) and daily bookkeeping duties to the year end financial statements and corporate tax returns, Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors can do it all for your business, whatever your industry.

Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors can also help you with a decision to incorporate, if you haven’t already done so. We help you examine the costs and benefits, and provide you with the detailed information you need to make the decision. We can also then prepare the appropriate documentation and compliance reports necessary to complete the process.

Packages for monthly accounting are available, based on a review of your particular situation, the complexity of your operation and your need for information.

We will sit down with you up front and prepare an estimate of monthly costs that will meet your needs, match your expectations and your budget. This will be reviewed periodically to ensure you are receiving the services you need at a price you can afford.

You provide us with your information and we provide you with the results you need to operate your business. All the information you need to make effective and economical business choices in the form of a financial statement.

Sound too simple?

That’s exactly it. Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors makes it simple.

We at Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors are here for YOU, the client.

Pharos Business & Taxation Advisors is a client service driven organization, with our focus on satisfying your needs at a fair price.