What is a CPA?

A CPA is a Chartered Professional Accountant. CPA’s are highly trained individuals who have been formally educated through the Chartered Professional Accountant society of Canada to learn not only the finer points of accounting and taxation, but also business management as a whole.

Why do I need an accountant: can’t I do my own taxes?

You certainly could do your own taxes, however, we find that when people do their own taxes, quite often they miss credits they could be claiming, especially if their taxes involve more than just a T-slip. Canada Revenue Agency takes the tax returns in at such a rate, and their staff members are of such small numbers in comparison, that they could not possibly review every return. Therefore, unlike so many people think, they won’t necessarily catch any mistakes made. If you have missed reporting something to your benefit, you likely will not see it, and they will not find it. We have the expertise and computer technology to aid us in finding these opportunities and filing right, the first time, getting you everything you are entitled to.

How much do you charge?

We charge an hourly rate, based on nothing more than the time it takes us to perform the task at hand. We keep our costs fairly low with our convenient location in the Warehouse District in Regina, meaning lower overheads, and less costs to pass on to the client. Oh, and don’t forget the ample and free parking! We have a fairly casual office, as you will see when you come in to visit. All in all, we will (and can) remain competitive with the market with ease.

What should I expect from your firm I can’t get anywhere else? Why are you different?

We are different from other accounting offices in the service we provide to our clients. Instead of just preparing your bookkeeping and financial statements and returning them to you with a bill, we sit down with you and ensure you understand the information presented and the implications it creates. As well, we are here year round, for anything you might need.